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When difficulties getting pregnant have you concerned about your health, Joni Canby, DO offers infertility help at Progressive Women’s Care in Boardman, Ohio. Dr. Canby and her compassionate medical team offer diagnostic and treatment options for fertility issues resulting from underlying medical conditions, scar tissue, or reproductive disorders. You can expect a customized treatment plan that caters to your needs to assist you in achieving a healthy, successful pregnancy. Find out more about infertility services at Progressive Women’s Care by calling the office today or using the online booking feature.

Infertility Q & A

What causes infertility?

Infertility is a condition where you can’t get pregnant for at least a year while having unprotected sex. Difficulties becoming pregnant can affect women of all ages, especially women over the age of 35 and those with underlying medical conditions.

There are many factors that can influence your ability to become pregnant. Infertility can be the result of issues with your reproductive system or your partner’s, or a combination of issues.

Common causes of infertility in females include:

  • Scar tissue
  • Endometriosis
  • Early menopause
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Abnormalities in the uterus or cervix

Underlying medical conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes and autoimmune disorders, may also interfere with your ability to become pregnant.

What are the risk factors for infertility?

In addition to existing medical conditions, you may be at higher risk for infertility as you get older. From your mid-30s and beyond, the number and quality of eggs you produce drops continually, making it difficult for you to achieve a pregnancy.

You may also be at increased risk for fertility problems if you:

  • Smoke
  • Drink alcohol
  • Are under or overweight

Certain types of cancers and their treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, can also increase your risk for infertility.

How is infertility diagnosed?

Dr. Canby initially meets with you to discuss your medical history, your sex life, and the length of time you’ve been trying to conceive a pregnancy.

To better understand your fertility issues, Dr. Canby may test your hormone levels through on-site blood work.  She may also order an ultrasound to examine your reproductive system more closely, checking for obstructions or abnormalities.

What options are available to treat infertility?

Dr. Canby may have you track your ovulation cycle, providing comprehensive instructions to follow.

Once she understands your needs, Dr. Canby can create a custom treatment plan to help increase your chances of conceiving. Depending on your health history, treatment may include prescription medications, like Letrazole and Clomid, to induce ovulation and Metformin or birth control to regulate your menstrual cycles.

In some cases, Dr. Canby may also recommend a semen analysis to check your partner’s sperm for quality or to detect abnormalities that may contribute to infertility.

Learn more about the infertility services Dr. Canby offers by calling the Boardman office or using the online booking feature.