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As an experienced OB/GYN, Joni Canby, DO offers a variety of services to care for and promote a successful pregnancy. Progressive Women’s Care, her practice in Boardman, Ohio, is well-equipped to handle all aspects of your pregnancy, including high-risk situations and vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC) services. Dr. Canby and her caring staff provide many on-site services before, during, and after your pregnancy, including lab testing, routine exams, and care for miscarriage situations. Schedule a consultation using the online booking tool or by calling the Boardman office directly.

Pregnancy Q & A

What pregnancy services are available?

Dr. Canby offers a variety of gynecological and obstetric services to ensure you’re healthy throughout your pregnancy. She and her medical staff also provide comprehensive care to help you prepare your body for a pregnancy and can also assist you after you give birth.

Available services for women’s care include:

  • Pap smears
  • Birth control
  • Pelvic examinations
  • Breast examinations

For difficulties getting pregnant due to conditions like endometriosis, Dr. Canby can perform ablation surgery to remove excess endometrial and scar tissue.

How often do I need a pregnancy exam?

Dr. Canby initially reviews your medical history and current health to determine if your pregnancy is high-risk or if you have special needs to address.

In many cases, you should visit with Dr. Canby once a month for a routine examination until you reach week 28. After that, checkups should occur every two weeks until you reach week 36. After that time, you should expect to see Dr. Canby weekly until you go into labor.

During your visits, you may need to undergo testing, such as blood tests and urine tests, to check your overall health. Dr. Canby also monitors the growth and development of your baby, taking measurements of your belly and using on-site ultrasound technology. She also performs pelvic exams as you get closer to your delivery date to check the positioning of your baby.

How do I prepare for a pregnancy?

Dr. Canby can also provide services to ensure your body is ready for a healthy pregnancy. You can schedule visits for pre-pregnancy checkups where Dr. Canby can evaluate your overall health and discuss your dietary needs before you conceive a child.

Pre-pregnancy services can also include recommendations for vitamins and minerals your body needs, such as folic acid, to prevent birth defects and pregnancy complications. Dr. Canby can also suggest lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight to increase your chances of conceiving a healthy pregnancy.

If you have medical issues that may complicate or prevent a pregnancy, such as a history of endometriosis or previous pregnancy issues, Dr. Canby can determine what you need to have a healthy pregnancy.

Find out more about pre-pregnancy and pregnancy services by calling Progressive Women’s Care today or by using the online booking tool.